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Woodpecker – Parquet Flooring – Video Production & Animation

After working with Woodpecker Flooring on a number of animations we were asked to create a full video and animation production about the relevance of parquet flooring in homes today, the history of parquet flooring and how to style your home around it.

The objective with this project was to create a video with elements of animation that discussed the current trend in parquet flooring. It needed to touch on the history and cover tips on styling your home around Parquet flooring.

We knew that this video needed to be from the perspective of someone who had their finger on the pulse when it comes to current trends and interior styling. We contacted Abigail Green, Creative Director and Interior Designer of Native Living and asked if she would feature in the video and talk about her knowledge on the subject.

Our idea to bring this project to life was to bring together elements of video production, animation and illustration. We liked the idea of creating some custom illustrations depicting the history of parquet flooring. We’d then take them and bring them to life using animation.