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Animated Explainer Video for Cardiff University

We were recently commissioned by the amazing team at Cardiff University to produce an animated explainer video for their ground-breaking new PTSD therapy called 3MDR.

Read on to find out more about the project and the process of creating an animation explainer video for Cardiff University.

artwork for explainer animation for cardiff university-2
Animation for Cardiff University 3MDR therapy

The objective of the animated explainer video

Due to the subject matter, we knew this had to be a character animation. It needed that human element and it needed a slow pace with a soft vocal delivery for explaining what can be quite a dark and sensitive topic for many sufferers, which is why we decided that an animated explainer video would be the most effective solution.

The animation had to work in a number of ways. It had to be something that could be posted out on social media to spread awareness of the therapy, it also had to be something that could be used during a presentation, something that spoke to both people who knew nothing about the therapy and others who are more familiar. The team at Cardiff University also required a welsh version, so we factored that into our project plan during our planning workshop.

Catrin Hopkins
Communications Manager, NCMH

"We had a brilliant experience working with the Studio Magenta team. From our first initial discussions to the final reviews of our animation, they were approachable and quick to respond to our questions. We’re really pleased with the final product and hope to work with the team again in future."

Process of creating an animated explainer video

Once we had the script perfected for the animated explainer video, we started to build a narrative around it. The idea was to take you on a journey from sufferer and symptoms all the way through the trial and ending with results. A sort of problem/solution approach. We decided quite early on we wanted to include elements of the frame by frame animation. This has an almost comforting, traditional quality about it and we thought it would suit the sensitive subject matter. We mixed this with more modern animation methods to bring everything together. During the storyboard phase we decided what should be frame by frame and what should be done using more modern methods of animation. This then all came to life when we created the animatic, animating the storyboard elements along with our voiceover, music and sound effects. The sound design for this project played an important role. It had to start off by highlighting the symptoms and triggers associated with PTSD and gradually soften towards the middle where the music becomes more positive and hopeful in line with the therapy and results.


Storyboard artwork for Cardiff University animation-3
Storyboard artwork for Cardiff University animation-2
Storyboard for Cardiff University animation

The Result

Once we were done putting the bulk of the animation together we worked with a great welsh speaking voiceover artist and adapted the script for the welsh version of the animated explainer video. You can see both versions of the animation below.

We’re really happy with how they turned out and look forward to seeing how the therapy helps people suffering from PTSD in the future!

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English Version

Welsh Version