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A passion project you wish was real

To flex the creative muscles and to showcase our range of skills as a creative agency, we designed ‘PIPS’ – A project we thought you should see. As a creative agency we understand brands, and so, decided to set ourselves the mission of developing a new branding concept full of character, with a touch of quirk. We created some awesome visual content that captures the PIPS personality and think the end result is worth sharing… see for yourselves.

Animated PIPS advert for socialmedia

The objective

As a passion project, we created a brief that brought together our collective skills as an agency, designing everything from product to packaging, as well as developing multiple character identities to bring the new brand to life. And so ‘PIPS’ was born! Using a combination of illustration, 2D and 3D animation we created a brand full of personality, utilising character personas as a way to target different audiences and develop creative promotional content that can be used on various social media platforms.

Overall aim: Create a strong, modern brand along with a wealth of creative content that uses character animations to promote the product and the brand. Take a look below.

Animation and CGI of pips packaging with cyclist
Packaging and Character CGI and animation
Packaging and Character CGI and animation
Packaging and Character CGI and animation
Animated Illustration- Cyclist

The process of creating animated content

Planning is a key aspect to any brief.

Step One – Research

Kicking off the project with research and mood boards we combined our collective skills, bumped our heads together and developed a core brand narrative, brainstorming key messages we wanted to portray in our brand animations- before lifting the pencil.

Step Two – Illustration

The next step; character development and illustration style – where the ideas come alive! Here, custom characters are built from early sketches and transformed into awesome illustrations, that are later animated to create engaging promotional content.

Check out our character boards below.

Sketched female character on floral skateboard
Yoga character illustration board
Cyclist illustration and branding Board
Skateboarder illustration and branding Board
Runner illustration and branding Board

Step Three – Animation, CGI & Sound Design

Now we meet Animation, CGI and Sound Design. Firstly, combining illustration, 2D and 3D animation brings the project to life, transforming sketches and drawings into moving characters/personalities. Developing the product and packaging, CGI builds on a ‘wire frame’ to create realistic imagery that can be used to represent the product within the visual content, elevating the brand to the next level. And finally (last but by no means least), Sound Design. An important part of the project that holistically brings the project to life. For PIPS, we decided that a combination of cut music tracks coupled with SFX was the way to go.

headphones and case CGI
PIPS inner packaging CGI

The Result?

A set of awesome teaser and promotional animations that are perfect for social media content.

Using illustration, CGI,  2D and 3D animation, we created visual content that is short and snappy, combining still imagery, character personas and Sound Design to bring all elements to life. By maintaining a consistent visual style, we have built a strong and memorable brand, carrying its unique style into all its commercial content.