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Five animated explainer videos, to effectively communicate a tech heavy offering.

Some brands are tech heavy, hard to explain and difficult to understand, often making it tough for them to engage users and get their name out there. Explainer videos paired with eye catching animation is a great way for complex business’ to simplify, describe and engage their audiences.

Scomis is a great example of how our animation and video services can effectively communicate your tech heavy business through a creative avenue, delivering simple explanations of complicated services.

Firstly… a bit about Scomis.

Using their in-depth knowledge of education software and hardware, Scomis offer IT support services to over 800 schools around the UK making it the largest support provider to capital sims.

Working in partnerships with schools and teachers, Scomis ensures data streams surrounding attendance and assessment lead to improved pupil outcomes, allowing schools to focus on the needs of the pupils and improve academic standard. Simply put, Scomis use their understanding of education technology to enhance teaching and learning across the UK. 

Scomis gif

The objective.

With no simple way to explain their software capabilities, or to show how it could help school leaders improve student outcomes, we developed five easily digestible explainer videos that communicated their complex services, in bite sized information.

Overall aim: Create five animated explainer videos that simplify a complex business offering, succinctly and effectively.

The process.

As always, research.

Key to any project, research lets us get an in depth understanding of your business and find inspiration that fuels your animated projects creative development. For tech heavy businesses, this stage is even more important to make sure our understanding of your business is thorough, meaning we can hit the nail on the head with your explainer video and effectively portray exactly what you do, to the right people.

With Scomis, it was clear multiple animated explainer videos would be the best route to neatly portray what they do, breaking down their services into five informative videos. Starting from rough scripts, we developed them into visual ideas to form the narratives of each animated video.

Next, storyboarding.

Five animated videos mean there’s a lot of moving parts so once narratives are signed off, we focused on storyboarding each explainer video individually. A storyboard provides a frame-by-frame visual timeline that compliments the animations dialogue, providing a cohesive visual representation of how the animated video will work together.

Scomis- illustrated storyboard

And finally, after signing off all five storyboards and animatics, our design team gets cracking on the final illustrations ready for our motion department to animate.

The Result?

A suite of five animated explainer videos, that help Scomis succinctly explain what they do easily, quickly and engagingly. Watch the final results below.