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Creating a “furry” great animation

Shameless Pets are an environmentally-conscious, independent company based in America; who focus on creating nutritional and sustainable pet treats made from otherwise food waste. We had the pleasure of collaborating with this like-minded, pet-lovin’ company to create a set of animations that explained the benefits of their products for pets and the planet alike, as well as an animation that told the story of how this conscious company started. With our Cardiff-based team crazy about the four-legged friend, this was a match made in heaven! And so, our team of animators and CGI specialists worked together to produce a suite of on-brand, “pun-tastic” animations for Shameless Pets to share proudly on their website and social platforms.

For the Planet, and Pets everywhere!

The first animation we created for Shameless Pets was an “all-rounder” – a company explainer that broke down who Shameless Pets are, what they do and why they do it. This video was built to sit on the homepage of their website, explaining everything you need to know about the company succinctly. The second video dove into a little more depth about how the misfit food waste was collected and upcycled, as well as the health benefits of each product. Finally, the third animation was a brief history of how Shameless Pets was born: through the genius minds of Alex and James – founders of the company.

Anything is Paw-sible!


Shameless Pets have an established brand that we couldn’t wait to work with; full to the brim with quirky illustrations and assets for us to play with and develop. In addition to these designs, our expert CGI team were able to build 3D replications of each treat bag; allowing us to have full flexibility of how they move and interact within each environment throughout the animations.

Ready to create your animation? Click here! Ready to create your animation? Click here!

Pun fully intended.

Our team were tasked with taking the key points that Shameless Pets wanted to communicate for each video, and creating scripts that reflected their tone of voice and brand-style. Inspired by the witty naming of their products (“Catnip N Chill”, “Applenoon Delight” and “Blueberried Treasure”, to name a few), we naturally wrote each script to be slightly tongue in cheek, punny and playful – all whilst ensuring the facts are visually communicated in an informative, but clever way through the designs. Once we had created this style of language for one video, it really helped set the bar and form consistency for the consecutive animations, additionally assisting towards messaging for their marketing strategy.

Hot Dog!

In addition to the main videos, we also produced 15-30 second snippets of the Health Benefits animation to be used in regional parts of America on TV! For the Upcycling video, we produced specific requirements of format to allow distribution to retailers in regional parts of America, too. These also included Closed Captions. We had a blast creating such fun animations for the Shameless Pets team, and hope to work with them more in the future. You can view all three of our outcomes below.

Company Explainer.

Meet the Team.

Health Benefits.