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Promotional Video Project for SmoothSkin.

We regularly work with SmoothSkin to create branded content, covering everything from Promotional videos to CGI product explainers to be used on their websites and social media platforms. This next project was no exception… a new product means a new suite of content!

Behind the scenes shot of camera man shooting two models wearing
Art director watching shoot on screen

The Objective of the Promotional Video

This time around, we were set to provide two promotional branded videos alongside a selection of still images to introduce a new SmoothSkin IPL product. These promotional videos aimed to highlight new product features including a new design and technical advances, most notably the ability to adapt to a variety of skin tones.

The process

As always a main step in our creative process is workshops. They enable both us and our client collaboratively fine tune major details of the project, such as creating a narrative, developing a tone and deciding upon the pace for the final edits. To help this process, moodboards and lots of regular discussions lets us efficiently decide on the key creative decisions, narrowing down colour schemes, clothing options and props. Finding the right models is another important aspect of production to ensure your brand and its story are accurately reflected. For our model sourcing, Alpha Agency and Gingersnap helped us to find the perfect girls for this promotional video project.


Behind the scene shot of camera man with models in background posing with laser device
Behind the scene of crew adjusting the camera
Behind the scenes shot of camera man smiling up from camera
SmoothSkin behind the scenes
Behind the scenes shot of crew discussing the shoot
Behind the scenes shot of photographer


Three days shooting may sound like a decent amount of time to get things done, but as always there is a lot to get through. So as obvious as it may sound, planning is key. We set aside a whole day to ensure that our set up is on point, meaning we trial lighting, capture test footage and finalise props ahead of the first ‘shoot day’. This means when the time comes we can get straight down to business and avoid wasting time or experience delays to our shooting schedule. To ensure smooth sailing on shoot days, we refer to storyboards and shot lists throughout. An essential step that makes sure we hit each scene, and capture the awesome footage that enables our post production team to create the master videos.


The edit for this job involved quick cuts and animated typography so our video and animation departments worked together on a solid post-production plan for once the footage had been shot to create an awesome promotional video for SmoothSkin IPL.

Five models smiling dressed skintone bodysuits
Two models leaning on each other wearing skin tone bodysuits
Two models leaning on each other wearing skin tone bodysuits holding laser
model wearing Skin tone bodysuit holding laser to her arm
model wearing Skin tone bodysuit holding laser to her under arm
Two models wearing skin tone bodysuits holding laser device

The Result

We produced two promotional videos and a wealth of still images for SmoothSkin to deploy on their website and social media channels that effectively introduce their new product and its features, whilst staying on brand.

Take a look below.