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Social Media Video Production

We love to create video content for our clients that is flexible and can be used across all marketing channels. We are able to create social media versions of standard videos, resized and optimised to work seamlessly on Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform. Easy-to-digest, short videos and animations are fantastic at engaging with audiences across social media. Breaking down a ninety second video, into three shorter versions provides a great source of extra content from your existing videos. Whichever platforms you are using, we can help you create the right marketing tools, to spread your message and promote your business or brand.

If you are using social media to promote your business or brand, we’d love to speak to you to discuss how we can help elevate your video and animation content to the next level.

Admiral Social Video for Instagram

Admiral Group

Social Video for Admiral IT Recruitment


We were commissioned to produce a video for Admiral Group that would drive recruitment for their in-house IT department. Admiral are regularly voted as one of the top large companies in the UK to work for.

The brief was to identify some of the key reasons Admiral staff enjoy working there so much and produce video content to attract quality IT professionals. In addition to creating a master video we, produced a punchy, energetic and dynamic social video that they could use across multiple social channels.

Using footage captured for the master video, alongside some slick motion graphics we produced this snappy social ad, resized into portrait mode for optimal playback on Instagram.


Admiral Social Video for Instagram
Admiral Social Video for Instagram

Smoothskin Pure

Promotional Product Explainer for Socials


We have worked with our good friends at Smoothskin on a number of video, animation and photography projects over recent years, usually combining all three in each project. This has allowed us to develop a good understanding of their products and what works for their target audience

The example shown here is a short product explainer video for their latest IPL device. We used footage we shot as part of a larger video project and re-purposed it to work in a vertical ratio, with simple animated text and infographics to highlight the key features.


Social Videos for Smoothskin's Instagram
Social Videos for Smoothskin's Instagram
Social Video and Animation for Smoothskin
Social Videos for Spindogs


Educational Social Videos for IGTV


The guys at Spindogs are great friends of ours and we have a long history of producing content for them. We have been working together since way back in 2008!

Every month we get together and produce a short educational video for use on their IGTV channel. Each video focuses on giving tips from the world of web design and digital marketing.

Each videos features a different member of their team, discussing their chosen topic.
We shoot the interviews on-location at their HQ in Cardiff Bay, before editing, animating and supplying optimised videos for posting directly to social media. We create custom illustration & animation, to ensure everything is on brand, and consistent across each video we produce.



Social Videos for Spindogs
Social Videos for Spindogs