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Animated Explainer video for Stokes Case Management.

Stokes Case Management offer a personalised, can-do approach to case management for disabled and vulnerable individuals in the UK. Valuing independence and emotional wellbeing as physical rehabilitation, they work hard to support legal teams to ensure well-being plans are implemented from the start.

stokes typography with characters

The objective

Stokes approached us to produce an animated explainer video that showcased their positive work culture and approach of their Case Management services and, to provide an overview over their case management process’. Positioning themselves apart from the usual corporate providers within the management sector, it was critical their explainer animation portrayed this.

To do so, we developed a set of characters that represented their unique offering and highlighted their personable and friendly approach. Since their subject matter can be sensitive, Stokes wanted an animation that was soft and full of colour to match the tone of their service.

Stokes-Animation Storyboard

The process

We always start our projects with a workshop, speaking directly with our client to nail down the details and put the wheels in motion regarding narratives and script creation. We also clarify the pace and tone of the animation here. We then present Stokes with a plan for the project including a suggested narrative, proposed colour palettes and initial character styles. Once they’re happy we move on to storyboarding the animated video, this means fleshing out the initial idea with things like character design sketches to get a feel for what the video will look like.

Take a look below for some examples of our colour palettes and initial character designs.

Bouncing back and forth with Stokes, we make sure all of our ideas and concepts are in line with their brief. Once the storyboard is complete and everyone is happy with the result we create an animatic, an animated version of the storyboard itself. This is where the sketches made by our talented designers are brought to life and made into an initial video that showcases the feel for the final production. Since Stokes loved the character designs we developed, we were able to jump straight into animating the main video.

Stokes colour swatches - Artboard one
Stokes initial character sketches

The results

An animated explainer video that highlights Stokes’ personable nature using soft and colourful character animations to sum up their friendly company culture, and showcasing them as awesome, super professional creative case workers.