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The Benefits of CGI

CGI product imagery is now almost impossible to distinguish from a genuine photograph. It allows companies to showcase their products in every size, colour, angle or texture; even before they manufacture it. It also negates the need to transport expensive products to studios.

Creating CGI imagery allows you to be able to reuse the digital file, allowing you to change anything within the scene, without having to re-shoot. The power button has changed from black to blue? No problem, that’s an easy fix. You would like softer lighting? That’s fine, we can change that easily.  Viewing the product at a different angle would take seconds – rather than a whole day to build the set again and re-shoot.

Our team are able to create CGI images from scratch, using sketches and measurements if you do not have access to the CAD files.

CGI Explainer videos

A CGI explainer video will give an unparalleled level of creativity, allowing the viewer to fly around your product with a camera, detailing all the important features, or display the internal make-up of the product with an “exploded” view. The creative and styling options are virtually endless.
From creating a stunning showcase for your tech product, or simply explaining how your brand-new product works, CGI explainer videos are incredibly powerful ways to showcase your product.

CGI Video Gallery CGI Video Gallery
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Ben Street
Head of Marketing - Project Blu

"It's been a true pleasure to work with the Magenta team. They created above and beyond what was required, quickly and efficiently. Their CGI animations are second to none - I couldn't recommend them enough! Thanks guys!"

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CGI Product Photography

CGI product photography has transformed the photography industry in recent years. Advances in software, have allowed photo-realistic images to be created more easily, opening up the possibilities to produce incredible images, with virtually limitless creativity. CGI can be a cost-effective way of producing advertising standard product photography. Traditional product photography requires sets to be built in dedicated studios, with a team of experts and lots of very expensive lighting equipment. Clients are usually on set for the duration of the shoot meaning they are away from their day to day duties. CGI removes all these barriers, allowing the whole process to be carried our remotely.

CGI Photography Gallery CGI Photography Gallery