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We love a workshop filled with moodboards, colour swatches, coffee, pastries and bags of creative ideas to share. Great things come from our workshops, amazing things actually. If you come to us with a fully formed brief, we build on it; if you just have some ideas in a notebook, we work closely with you to create a fully formed narrative and project plan. We start each project with a workshop and it’s where the project truly comes to life.

Script Creation

Using the narrative formed during the workshop, our team can now work alongside you to create a script. Whether we’re creating completely from scratch or developing an existing dialogue, we have the knowhow to ensure all the key messages are delivered with maximum impact.

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After the script is signed off we move onto the storyboard phase, creating detailed frame-by-frame illustrations to compliment the dialogue. This is where we first see how the video scenes will interact with one another, and the important placement of characters and products. Storyboards hold key information, such as lighting instructions and camera movement; they allow us to pre-visualise scenes that will provide direction during the upcoming shoot.


An animatic is an animated storyboard. Boards are brought to life with basic illustration and animation, then cut together with the correct timing and pace of the video. They include basic sound effects, voice-over and soundtrack, bringing movement to the storyboard, allowing us to see how the piece will move and interact with the voiceover. Animatics are fantastic tools that allow us to make changes without committing to high level illustration or animation.

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Location Scouting

The right location can make or break a project, and we love the challenge of discovering new and enchanting spots. Whether you’re in need of a luxury penthouse apartment, a naturally lit studio or a blooming rose garden, we know where the best locations are to suit your project. We’ve spent time stomping across cliffs, lugging kit up mountains and wading through rivers, so you don’t have to!

Talent Sourcing

We work with several of the best local and nationwide model and actor agencies and have built up a strong network of talent over the years. So whatever your project needs, we can find the perfect fit.

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Voiceover Casting

We have access to a vast pool of voiceover talent, from Welsh language to regional and international accents. Castings are carried out remotely, so you can review from the comfort of your office or home, and share with colleagues to help make a decision on the perfect tone for your video or animation.

Styling / Props

Whether it’s a candle, a ceramic cup or a cushion, the perfectly sourced and styled prop can add a vital element to a lifestyle shoot. Our in-house designer has the creative eye to piece together the perfect combinations to enhance your photography and video to ensure they look sensational.

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