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Extract the most out of your content.

Animation and video are darling formats in the content world. Unsurprising, given their limitless possibilities, ability to grab attention and simple storytelling prowess. They can engage your social media following, launch your new product, explain your complex service simply, and generate clicks as well as interest, followers as well as sales. All while bringing your brand to life in a truly unique way.

And there’s the rub.

The reality is that in the process of creating your first animation or video campaign, a bank of visual brand and design assets is also produced – so why wouldn’t you make the most of it?

When your brand leaps into the animated world for the first time, as well as simply producing a tactical one-off asset, you’ve also invested in creating, or adding to your brand identity. Given the many marketing needs animation can answer, it can be used to produce a library of assets that are unmistakeably you, taking up a more strategic place in your brand arsenal along the way.

Whether you need your hero animation or video broken up into social media shorts optimised for a specific channel, or you’d like a bank of still assets extracted for use across your website and brand collateral, the possibilities are endless.

And the value-for-money is there for the taking: no more creative concept development, future projects hit the ground running where those endless possibilities come to life alongside your brand. Need stills for a broader campaign? Want to introduce a new product or character? Not only possible, but, unlike other visual formats, it won’t break the bank.

Time to revisit your brand content? Let us know what you think.