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Video Production Services.

At Magenta, we can provide a variety of video production services that help deliver specific and tangible results for your business. Our in-house video production team have the experience and expertise to capture your story, showcase your product and communicate key messages.

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Animation Services.

Our highly skilled team are versatile in a range of animation styles: from traditional frame-by-frame animation, to mind-blowing 3D graphics. We are able to create bespoke, on-brand illustrations that help inform your audience of key information or new upcoming products.

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CGI Services.

CGI (computer-generated imagery) is a cutting-edge way to advertise your product or service. Ideas that are difficult, expensive or impossible to produce physically, are now possible to create within a computer-generated world.

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Photography Services.

Since 2006, we have been creating amazing photography for brands such as Cardiff City Football Club, Triumph Motorcycles, Wales Millennium Centre, Admiral Group, NHS Wales, Coffee #1 and many others.

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Planning & Creative Development Services.

Planning and Creative Development are the foundation of every project. Before a camera is chosen or a piece of software fired up, we look closely at the brief to work out what the project needs and what content is best suited to help spread your message.

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Post-Production Services.

Once our work is done behind the camera, it’s passed on to our post-production team. Here, it’s assembled and edited shot-by-shot using the most up-to-date software and tools available to get a high quality execution. We focus on adding music, sound effects, voiceovers and on-screen animated graphics to accompany the live-action video.

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Video Production Services