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Harnessing AI.

If you’re unfamiliar with these new revolutionary systems such as DALL-E, it is a new artificial intelligence application developed by OpenAI. The AI processes natural language, allowing you to feed in prompts and it will generate art in any style, medium, or photography within seconds. With systems like these, AI and machine learning have the potential to revolutionise creative agencies, enabling them to train algorithms that act as extensions of their teams. By integrating AI into their processes, they can dramatically shrink the early creative process from days to hours – and even seconds!

Where does that leave the human creative?

The possibilities with AI and machine learning are virtually limitless, but ultimately, it is human input – the vision, creativity, emotion and concepts that only your creative can bring to the table – that will make the difference. It’s the reasoning behind concepts and ideas that make our clients feel like you’ve listened and understood their briefs and requests and considered them to be meaningful and relevant.

It’s not going to replace human animators and their irreplaceable understanding of visual storytelling or the way designers have an intuitive understanding of how art and design can provoke certain emotions, that resonate with an audience. In that way, AI will never be able to replace the human creative.

Working in harmony.

AI should be seen as a tool for designers to express themselves, increase efficiency, and aid in specific processes – not replace humans entirely. AI can offer an exciting launch pad to a project, but ultimately the creative cannot be replaced.

Want to have a play with AI yourself? We recommend taking a look at Night Cafe – a fun tool for generating art from random words!

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