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Product Photography

Product photography is at the core of what we do. Since 2006 a vast selection of products have come through our studio doors, from minute medical instruments to three-metre SUP boards! We have access to specialist studio equipment, with cameras capable of outputting files to be used on the largest of advertising boards.

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Campaign Photography

To date, our wide photography skill set has allowed us to work on campaigns for the third sector, local and regional government and brand advertising. We specialise in multiple photography disciplines, from product photography, to lifestyle and composite photography. So whatever your campaign needs to help engage your audience, we have the skills and experience to make it happen.

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Lifestyle Photography

Thanks to the swift rise in image-led social media platforms, commercial lifestyle photography has grown rapidly in popularity. The benefits of this style of photography are endless, offering a softer, true-to-life feel to products, services and promotions. Showing your product in real-life scenarios offers an accessible human element to your marketing, speaking directly to your audience and their needs.

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Kate Lewis
Campaign Marketing Manager -PHS Group

"I have worked with Magenta for the last couple of years. Professional, reliable and always a pleasure to work with. The quality of work is always at the highest standard , even when photos need to be taken of challenging products! Look forward to working with the team again soon."

Aerial Photography

Drone photography can bring shots that were, until very recently, only achievable by spending a huge amount of money to rent a helicopter. Our aerial filming kit is capable of producing high-resolution photography and 4K video without ever having to leave the ground. Our in-house drone pilot holds a current PfCO permission from the Civil Aviation Authority for commercial flying and will be involved in the planning stages of projects, advising on what is possible within the bounds of current aviation law.

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Headshots & Staff Portraits

With over 1.5 billion users on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, professional headshot photography has become more important than ever. LinkedIn research found that people are seven times more likely to view your profile if you have a recent headshot, while Google rankings soar with the addition of quality website imagery. From single portraits of company board members to over 400 NHS staff shot over multiple days, we’ve done it all.

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Location Photography

Our studio set-up is fully mobile, allowing us to bring our photography studio direct to you. So if the chef doesn’t like to leave his kitchen, the CEO is too busy to travel, or integral props and equipment are already in place at your workspace, we’ll simply come to you.

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