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What are Animated infographics?

(and how it can help your business)

An animated infographic is an animated version of your infographic content. They create movement and motion within your content by adding smooth transitions, a pop of colour or interactive elements to highlight the most valuable parts of your infographics, as well as creating a visual experience to your content.

Not only do they look good, but animated infographics also allow for information to be easily interpretable and engaging and now makes up some of the most shared content on social platforms. Getting on board the Animated infographic trend will not only make your content look better and engage more viewers, but ultimately will boost your contents shareability to help you reach a larger audience, boost your contents shareability and ultimately drive traffic to your site.

Animated infographic Illustration

Why use animated infographics?

1. Simplify and communicate your content

In general infographics are a great way to transform data or text heavy information into easily digestible visual content, simplifying key messages and communicating them to your audience. Versatile in nature, infographics can also be used in many ways meaning they can suit all types of information to accommodate your content requirements

2. Provide a visual and memorable experience

The human brain takes 90% of its information in as images, processing visual imagery 60,000 times faster than text! Now we know this, it’s understandable why visual heavy content performs so well in the digital market. However, today’s image heavy advertising among online platforms means it’s more essential than ever to elevate your content through animated features. Animation helps provide viewers with tangible and familiar contexts which in turn makes your content more discoverable, emotive, and recognisable. Choosing to elevate your company infographics with animated elements means your content will catch viewers attention helping to build your brand awareness.

3. Small costs and large rewards

Animated infographics are an effective way to produce content that increases its usability without blowing your budget, meaning you get a wide reach for a small price. What have you got to lose? The more users that engage with your content, the larger the boost in shares, views, and re-shares. Particularly in a world that’s saturated with visual content, adding animation into your infographics will set you aside from your competitors due to their visual nature and engaging storytelling abilities

4. Boost your organic search

As we’ve already mentioned, jazzing up boring data or text heavy information into animated infographics creates easily digestible content that users love to share. Not only does this boost the awareness of your brand and its content, but it also helps create important backlinks that are awesome for your organic SEO, catapulting your businesses organic search results to the next level.


Animated infographic

All in all, infographics alone are a good way to reach your audience, concisely convey key information and provide memorable graphics to increase consumers information retention. But, using animation within your infographics is yet another way to elevate your content, taking your business to the next level and increasing the likelihood of engagement and shareability. For a small figure, adding animated features to your infographics can do a whole lot for your businesses SEO, brand awareness, content shareability and successfully portray your contents’ key takeaways in memorable, bitesize ways.