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Animated Infographics

What are Animated Infographics?

Infographics are designed to translate heavy, complex data into simplified, digestible visuals. They allow your audience to take in bitesize pieces of data easily which can visually communicate volume, data comparisons and scale. Animated Infographics are a step further; displaying this visual information and data through animation. They can be used as part of a wider animation, on a website or even on social platforms. Read below to find out what they can do for your business.

1. Shareable Content.

The human brain takes 90% of its information in as images, processing visual imagery 60,000 times faster than text! It’s understandable why visual-heavy content performs so well in the digital market. However, today’s image-heavy advertising amongst online platforms means it’s more essential than ever to elevate your content through animated features. This concise messaging through appealing visuals allows convenient shareability of your content; making it easier for audiences to digest and for all types of viewers to understand the information without it getting misconstrued. By using animated infographics online, you can create visually appealing content for social media, your website and within branded videos to elevate your offering.

2. Raise your Brand.

Choosing to elevate your company infographics with animated elements means your content will catch viewers attention, helping to build your brand awareness. Designing infographics specifically for your business also allow your data to look more in-keeping with your brand too; whether that be through brand colours, illustration style or use of typography. By designing your infographics to be on-brand with your business, it allows them to be instantly recognisable when stood against other visuals of information from different sources.

3. Small Cost, Big Reward.

Animated infographics are an effective way to produce content that increases its usability without blowing your budget, meaning you get a wide reach for a small price. What have you got to lose? The more users that engage with your content, the larger the boost in shares, views, and re-shares. Particularly in a world that’s saturated with visual content, adding animation into your infographics will set you aside from your competitors due to their visual nature and engaging storytelling abilities. At Magenta, we can help produce visually appealing graphics that translate your key data and information that feels on-brand, creating content worth sharing and elevating your business to be more user-friendly.

4. Boost your Organic Search.

By creating shareable content, it can boost the awareness of your brand and its content. However, it can also help create important backlinks to your website that are awesome for organic SEO, catapulting your business’ organic search results to the next level. By creating content that’s engaging, you can naturally drive users and potential networks to search your business online and organically navigate them to your website to read more about what you do.