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CGI content for future-facing brands.

Why use CGI for video, animation or photography content?

At Magenta, our highly-skilled CGI team know exactly how to recreate your product within the 3D world – right down to the smallest details. We are able to visualise ideas and sketches, as well as prototypes or existing products. Through high quality software, we can produce impactful CGI video animation and exceedingly intricate photography within beautiful environments crafted by the team. Read more about our CGI services below.

Recreating a product within CGI allows us to be flexible and experimental with composition, versatility and how it can interact with other factors within that 3D world. Showcase what a potential product could look like, as well as breakdown the functioning moving parts of that product, too. And don’t worry, with sketches and measurements, our skilled team can re-create your product if you do not have access to the product’s CAD files.

CGI Video Animation

Showcasing ideas, products and functions.

Recreating a product in CGI allows us to be flexible and experimental with what it looks like and is made of, and how it moves and works within any given 3D environment. The high level of detail we can achieve means we can take the viewer inside the product to explore its composition and moving parts.

Explainer Video.

CGI explainer videos allow an unparalleled level of detail that makes your product a star and offers unrivalled potential impact, whether your audiences are colleagues, customers or investors. Dramatic 360-degree visuals, showcasing its capabilities against dynamic backdrops and revealing its internal workings through exploded view really bring the wow factor. With endless creative and styling options, CGI video animation can create a stunning showcase for the highest tech product and explain the sophistication behind its functionality.

Product Photography.

CGI can be a cost-effective, efficient way of producing advertising standard photography. There’s no need for expensive sets, studios and lighting equipment or for you to attend photoshoots, leaving you free to carry on with the day-job.

The power of CGI.

  • CGI Product Photography is now so advanced, that when it’s compared to a genuine photograph it can be impossible to tell the difference. By using CGI, you have complete control over how your product is viewed. From the angle and size – to the colour and texture, CGI enables you to modify your products, even before they have been manufactured. A huge bonus is that if a product is particularly expensive or fragile, CGI removes the risks that come with transporting products to and from a photography studio
  • Once you have created a digital file of a product, you can reuse and amend the product imagery, without having to do a complete re-shoot. Whether the lighting needs to be softer or the product needs to be larger, with CGI, changes to a product image can be made in a matter of seconds, rather than the few hours it would usually take to re-shoot using traditional methods of photography.
  • At Magenta, we can create CGI images and CGI video animation from the ground up. This means that, whether you already have access to digital files of your products or only have sketches and measurements to hand, we can work with you to produce CGI images that perfectly align with your products and vision.

Not sure what you need? No problem.

If you already have an idea of what you want, we’ll bring that to life. If you want us to bring the ideas, we love that.
Either way, we propose the concepts, format and execution that will best tell your story and, once agreed, present a delivery timeline and keep to it, so you know exactly what is going on at all times.

Working with us.

We’ve never met a client who isn’t under pressure, so we think our job is to take as much of that away as we can.
We’re a friendly, down-to-earth bunch and, because we value our relationships, we work hard at them, with integrity and commitment, doing what we say when we say. That means all our processes are designed and then tightly managed with you in mind, to keep you informed and confident in our delivery.