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CGI Video Animation

Why use CGI?

Recreating a product within CGI allows us to be flexible and experimental with composition, versatility and how it can interact with other factors within that 3D world. Showcase what a potential product could look like, as well as breakdown the functioning moving parts of that product, too. And don’t worry, with sketches and measurements, our skilled team can re-create your product if you do not have access to the product’s CAD files.

Imetrum are pioneers within the measurement data industry. We created a CGI product explainer video that demonstrated their innovative products through a dynamic style. You can view our Imetrum Case Study, here.

Explainer Video.

CGI explainer videos allow an unparalleled level of creativity, meaning you can introduce your product with dramatic 360 degree visuals or showcase its capabilities and internal features with a CGI product ‘exploded view’. The creativity and styling options are endless; from creating a stunning showcase for your tech product, or simply explaining how your brand-new product works, CGI explainer videos are an incredibly powerful way to showcase your product.

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Product Photography.

CGI can be a cost-effective way of producing advertising standard photography – without the need for expensive sets, dedicated studios and lighting equipment. Traditional product photography also requires the client to be on set for the duration of the shoot, taking you away from your day to day duties. CGI removes all these barriers, allowing the whole process to be carried out remotely and efficiently.

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It’s been a true pleasure to work with the Magenta team. They created above and beyond what was required, quickly and efficiently. Their CGI animations are second to none – I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Ben Street – Head of Marketing, Project Blu

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