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3D CGI Product Shot for Dog Collar Explainer Video (1)
CGI product photography for an alcohol free gin brand
CGI product photography for cosmetic brand (3)
headphones and case CGI
CGI Product Photography for Flavoured Water Brand Campaign (1)
cgi product photography render of an IPL device (4)
3D CGI Product Photography for Dog Collars (2)
3D CGI Photography for Fruit Drink Brand (5)
3D CGI Product Photography For NHS Visor

The Power of CGI Product Photography.


CGI Product Photography is now so advanced, that when it’s compared to a genuine photograph it can be impossible to tell the difference. By using CGI, you have complete control over how your product is viewed. From the angle and size – to the colour and texture, CGI enables you to modify your products, even before they have been manufactured. A huge bonus is that if a product is particularly expensive or fragile, CGI removes the risks that come with transporting products to and from a photography studio


Once you have created a digital file of a product, you can reuse and amend the product imagery, without having to do a complete re-shoot. Whether the lighting needs to be softer or the product needs to be larger, with CGI, changes to a product image can be made in a matter of seconds, rather than the few hours it would usually take to re-shoot using traditional methods of photography.


At Magenta, we can create CGI images from the ground up. This means that, whether you already have access to digital files of your products or only have sketches and measurements to hand, we can work with you to produce CGI images that perfectly align with your products and vision.