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Campaign Photography

Create a Memorable Marketing Campaign.

At Magenta, we understand there are goals you wish to achieve from your marketing campaign. Through workshops and a clear brief, we can create a clear structure of what the campaign needs to do, the visuals that can accompany the messaging and how you’d like to make viewers feel when they see it. Campaign photography can be a very impactful tool to support your idea; we can produce consistent-looking outcomes that can be used across the campaign in order for it to be instantly recognisable and on-theme.

Studio Photography for Cardiff International Whitewater Advertising Campaign (1)

We had the pleasure of creating campaign photography for Cardiff International White Water to promote a number of different events, such as stag and hen parties, family rafting and indoor surfing. This photography was distributed through both print and digital media. You can view our Case Study about this project, here.

How does it work?

The production of creating a suite of consistent photography can be a complex process – if you’re trying to do it alone. Here’s a breakdown of how we can work with you to create professional photography content:


Firstly, we help dissect the message you’re trying to communicate with the imagery – focusing on who it’s intended for and why. Through workshops which can take place within our Cardiff-based studio, or via video call, we will learn to understand your marketing campaign in-depth; and from it, summarise what we want your audience to take away from the photography, specifications and outputs.


From our discussions, we structure a shot-list of how the product/s or models will be set up – taking into consideration where any messaging or logos will be positioned. We additionally consider any flat-lays, lighting, props and if there is any post-production work required.


The final product will be a suite of consistent and high quality photography that enhances the key messaging of your campaign. We like to keep you updated with every step of the process; ensuring everything we do is aligned to the brand and campaign – so never fear that the end result will not be what you envisioned.

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