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Video Editing

We offer a comprehensive video and animation editing service, using all the industry standard software applications, including Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve & Cinema 4D. Our editing team provide clients with regular reviews via a secure online-proofing platform that delivers direct feedback, so you can stay up-to-date on any changes requested.

Colour Management

We’ll always ensure we get the colour accurate in-camera, but colour correction and a creative grade are always key considerations in our post-production. We’ll comb through every shot to make sure the colour is perfect, helping to ensure your content really stands out to your target audience.

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Image Retouching

We won’t deliver your images until they’re perfect. As standard we remove blemishes, tame those fly-away hairs, straighten up any wonky angles and generally clean up the image of any unwanted distractions. If the shot requires anything more substantial, such as completely removing people or objects, then we’re up to the job.

File optimisation

Still waiting for that image to upload? In this innovative age of social media, fast scrolling and even faster interactions, we know the importance of a perfectly placed piece of content. Whatever the end-use for your images, video or animation, we’ll ensure they’re delivered in the right format and size. So, whether you need a video that’s primed for YouTube, a hero image for your website’s landing page, or an auto-play animation that looks crisp on social media, we’ve got you covered.

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Composite Photography

Some projects are trickier than others, involving a nifty bit of juggling to get the perfect end result, with layers of varying elements and assets. Finding the perfect composition for your project is our passion, so whether that’s adding people and products, changing backgrounds or creating something completely new. Anything is possible!

Music & Sound Design

With access to the world’s leading music licensing and sound effects libraries, we’re ready to take your message to even greater heights, through the art of sound. We’ll trawl through endless tracks, blips and beeps until we find the perfect tracks to bring your video or animation to life.

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Inclusive usability is important to both our team and your audience. Great content is the first step, but making sure everyone can enjoy your project is the next. Captioning your video or animation helps to increase shareability, while showing your audience that you care about how they communicate with your brand. Adding subtitles is an essential part of bringing your message to life, for all accessibilities; whether that’s to aid viewing on a device, help viewers with hearing impairments or simply cross a language barrier for Welsh speaking or international audiences. We’ve subtitled for Thai, Korean and Mandarin audiences, helping to spread our clients work across the globe.