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Aerial Drone Photography

Why use Aerial Drone Photography or Filming?

Drone footage has become an increasingly popular way to capture dramatic shots of environments; displaying a bird’s-eye-view of locations can create beautifully abstract imagery of land and provide a sense of scale and vastness. Our clients have included our aerial drone photography and filming service within their commercial company videos, to define their brand, showcasing their offering and location. To ensure it’s safe to fly, we follow all official guidelines and prepare the necessary permissions and insurances to respectfully capture what’s needed.

One of our clients, Hurley, are the perfect example of how our services work harmoniously together to create the perfect company video. It included a vast amount of aerial drone photography and filming to capture a dynamic perspective of their business. You can view our Hurley Case Study, here.

The benefits of using Aerial Drone.

You may think that shooting with a drone may only be applicable to larger businesses, but here’s a few reasons why it can benefit any size industry and what it can do within your competition:


Capturing a unique perspective on your business can help separate you from competition within your industry. By showcasing the scale of your business or it’s specific location, it can add more value and even a visual art to your brand video, a company explainer or even some B-roll on a talking head. Create a versatile piece of content that can adapt to fit within pitches, tenders and marketing content.


Budget is something you shouldn’t fear. Aerial filming is now a very cost effective way of capturing the shots needed without excess spending. Drone photography and filming is a straightforward process; and with our team of professionals, we understand how to efficiently capture what’s needed without wasting your time or money.


Drones have the ability to function with minimal noise, meaning they can capture footage within the desired environment without causing disruptions. Additionally, opposed to the 130 litres of fuel burnt in just one hour when using a helicopter, our electrically powered drones mean our Aerial Filming services have Zero Carbon Exhaust Emissions – benefiting both society and the environment.

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