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Company Explainer Video

Company explainer videos are the easiest way to show the world who you are, what you do and what you stand for as a brand. Shared widely online or used for business presentations, they often bring together a mix of live action or animation and are usually around 60-90 seconds in length.

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Product Explainer Video

Our product videos make your design the hero of the story, with beautiful lighting, dynamic angles and killer soundscapes. Even the simplest product can be made to look incredible with on-screen infographics and animation, to illustrate the unique features of your design.

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Rachel Miles
Head of Marketing, Acquis

"The team at Magenta are always reliable and professional – and fun to work with too! I'm always confident that they'll deliver the highest quality content, whether it’s corporate photography or a bespoke video to promote our business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Magenta to anyone looking for a dependable and talented creative agency."

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Branded Content

Branded content takes a gentler, softer approach than standard advertising; often narrative-driven, educational and a timely reminder to your target audience about your services. Without overt marketing, viewers tend to view branded content as more authentic communication. We usually create 60-second videos for our clients, making them the perfect length to use across web and social media platforms, for higher conversion rates and engagement.

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Corporate Interviews / Talking Heads

Corporate interviews and talking-head videos are an efficient way to communicate key business messages, keeping both your customers and shareholders informed with important developments. We understand the need for flexibility in schedules and recording, so our fully mobile video production set-up allows us to produce studio-quality interviews direct from your office.

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Studio & Green Screen Filming

There’s not always a fancy penthouse, dramatic clifftop, or crashing waves nearby to shoot with, so when we’re not shooting on location, we use studio and green-screen filming. With projects that require multiple coloured backgrounds, a set to be built, or complete darkness, we composite the elements of video and animation together, to achieve the perfect result.

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Aerial Filming

Need us to take to the skies to get the winning shot? Consider it done! With all the required licensing, our team can navigate drones to capture the aerial footage that will level up your video. We follow official guidelines and ensure all the necessary permissions and insurances are in place to safely and respectfully capture what’s needed.

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