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Corporate Interviews and Talking Heads

What can corporate interviews and talking heads do?

When shot correctly, live corporate interviews and talking heads are highly effective pieces of content used within corporate communications – it can feel captivating, educational and insightful for your audience; instilling trust and a connection through a more personal level. Allow your business to have an opportunity to become face-to-face with your audience and build more of a trusted relationship; through showcasing the people behind your brand and the operations of your business – all captured in a compelling way through thoughtful video, lighting and sound.

Here is an example we have created for one of our clients, Acquis. We produced a professional talking head of one of their client’s, discussing how they have found Acquis’ approach to legal and regulatory issues relating to their programme.

How are they created?

With a promotional video service, it can be hard to capture – if you’re doing it alone. Our team at Magenta can help you translate the messaging you want to communicate with your audience, through a beautifully shot piece of content thats adaptable for brand presentations, pitches or your digital platforms.


Firstly, we help dissect the messaging that you want to communicate with your audience; focusing on why this video is being created and what are the key take-aways. Through workshops which can take place within our Cardiff-based studio, or via video call, we will learn to understand your brand; and from it, highlight important answers or messages we want your audience to remember from your corporate interview or talking head.


From our discussions, we collect the findings; turning them into a an engaging script that’s consciously written in your brand’s tone of voice, or setting up key questions for you to answer in more of a relaxed interview format. This will help structure a narrative and storyboard of how the video will play.


Finally, with our high quality and mobile video production team, we can set up at your workplace environment – or, if this isn’t possible, we have an alternative option of setting up our green screen within our studio based in Cardiff Bay. Either way, we can capture beautiful shots intergrated with yourselves talking to the camera. The final product will be a 1-2 minute video; purely created for your business’ platforms.


Corporate Interviews & Talking Heads Video Production

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