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Animated Social Media Content For Tiny Rebel

Tiny Rebel stands out as perhaps Wales’ most cherished craft beer company, and our admiration for them fueled our excitement for this project.

The objective?

Promoting their innovative ice bucket box product through a captivating suite of social media content. Our design team immersed themselves in the essence of the Tiny Rebel brand, crafting conceptual artwork that aligned with their identity and provided a perfect canvas for animation.

But before our motion designers took the reins, our photography team took to the the studio, meticulously capturing each beer featured in the ice bucket box. Aligned with the storyboard, our photographers ensured that every can was shot so that they integrated seamlessly into the upcoming animation. We wanted every can spinning in a stop-motion style. To bring this to life, our team placed the cans on a turntable, and meticulously shot every frame before our post-production team isolated the cans and sent them on to our motion designers.

The vision?

Creating content that not only embodies the warmth of summer but also resonates with the cool/urban vibe tailored to Tiny Rebel’s target consumers was a crucial endeavor for us. Our team of skilled motion designers delved into the project, weaving the essence of the season with a dash of urban edge. To achieve this unique fusion, we seamlessly integrated graffiti textures into the animation, skillfully animating paint drips cascading down from typography and palm trees. Additionally, strategic incorporation of paper rips added a touch of edginess, elevating the overall visual experience. The result? A captivating short animation that not only captures the spirit of summer but also aligns perfectly with Tiny Rebel’s hop-savvy audience.


Animated Social Media Content for Tiny Rebel