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Product Photography

Composite Product Photography.

The DB’s never fail to surprise us with their awesome ideas for dog toys. At Magenta, we are passionate about dogs and love to have our team’s four-legged friends snooping around the studio too. It’s a no-brainer that we love working with The DB’s, and we’ve been shooting product photography for them since they’ve started.

The Objective.

It’s not every day we get a client come to us with a grenade, a stick of dynamite and a joint! But that’s exactly what happened with The DB’s.

The DB’s make a range of really interesting dog toys, all shaped into objects you would not expect to see a dog playing with. Treats are placed inside the toy, encouraging the dog to play, to get at the treats. We were approached to create photography for a social media campaign with a range of new products and to help with the creative direction of the imagery.

The Process.

We shot the products at around 10 different angles, so we could add in the element of movement with varying levels of blur through post-production. Basic pack shots on a white background just weren’t going to cut it for these products, so we created custom colour backgrounds in photoshop for each product and developed our own shadows and shading.

The Outcome.

The finalised product photography suite were made up of multiple images in post, with the finishing touch of adding in the dog treats that explode out of the products. Again, these were shot separately in the studio and added in, one by one, during editing.

Throughout working on a variety of projects with Magenta, they have been professional and produced excellent work. Running projects with them couldn’t have been easier and we have been very happy with the end results.

Professor David Waterman – Director, Deep Blue Design Limited