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Animated Video

Animated Explainer Video for MPCT.

MPCT Young Leaders are a part of the Motivational Preparation College for Training (MPCT), which implement their unique character education syllabus to support primary schools across the UK to broaden and differentiate their curriculum. Through active learning and a holistic delivery approach to academic and personal development, MPCT take learners on a journey of intrigue and self-discovery to develop wider skills and attributes, all underpinned by a soft military ethos.

MPCT Collage notebook

The Objective.

To promote their young leaders programme, MPCT came to us wanting to develop something more creative and engaging than simply handing out a prospectus in schools. Working with some assets they already had from previous projects, we worked together to come up with something a little different that would connect and excite the children taking part.

Since MPCT had existing ‘Minecraft style’ 3D character assets that they wanted to continue across their young leader’s promotional video but no access to the 3D files required to create an animated version, we had to think outside of the box and develop a different approach. We decided to go down the scrapbook, ‘copy-and-paste’ stop motion aesthetic, using the character designs as fun cut outs to incorporate them into the animation. This also gave us the freedom to add our own visual assets alongside the characters to elevate the video and allow the animation to successfully portray all the information key information and pain points the video required. Since being created for a young target audience, the scrapbook approach felt like an appropriate and effective way to engage the viewer, as well as a practical solution to a problem. 

Take a look below to see how it worked.  

Collage of teacher MPCT

The Process.

Working closely with MPCT to put a script and narrative together our design team started to work on some visual assets and get feedback on the scrapbook aesthetic. Using frame by frame and stop motion techniques our team created an effective animated scrapbook effect, to give the animation a life of its own. 

This frame-by-frame method allowed our talented designers to create animated scribbles, arrows and other assets to be used alongside the MPCT characters to guide the viewer through the video. The still images provided, paired with cut-out stock imagery were used to tell MPCT’s story in a personable way with a soundtrack and a variety of sound effects nicely tying all aspects of the video together.

MPCT mixed media parachute character

It was fantastic to work with the Magenta team one again. They always have a professional and quality focused development process, leading to an outstanding product.

Dan Shooter – Director of Business Management, MPCT

The Outcome.

A creatively engaging animated explainer video, perfect for their target audience. Click to watch below!