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CGI 3D Animation

CGI Product Video for Project Blu.

Project Blu approached us to create a video to promote a new range of dog beds. During our initial conversation it became quickly apparent that we would need to go down the 3D /CGI route for this project; it would have been very difficult, time consuming and expensive to bring to life their ideas with traditional video. We ran a workshop to expand on the initial concepts, exploring ways to visualize recycled plastic and fabrics. We also discussed the tone of voice, pacing, sound design and the key messaging, allowing us to create a narrative and detailed storyboard for the video.

Creating the CGI Dog Bed.

Project Blu did not have a 3D CAD models of their products, so we used sketches and actual products as reference to build custom CAD files. We used a 3D stock model of a dog bed, using the Project Blu specs to transform it into an exact match of the Project Blu beds. We then used high detailed texture maps, up to 8k, to recreate the realistic fabric on the dog beds.

Creating the Animation.

Before creating detailed animation, texturing and lighting, we entered a previsualization stage, creating an animatic; a low-resolution animation for proofing purposes. Going through this stage allowed us to make changes based on Project Blu’s feedback, before we commit to high level animation. With the previz signed off, we moved into the more detailed animation, adding colour and lighting to all of the created scenes, working to the Project Blu brand guidelines.

Below is a Process Reel – showing the stages of how this animation was created.

The Outcome.