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Campaign Video

Creating a Branded Campaign Video in Wales.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Spindogs and Narrative Edge, to produce a suite of bilingual video case studies and photography for Foster Wales, that represented life within local fostering for a National Campaign through the Welsh Government. Overall, we created a bank of 44 videos, 2-3 minutes in length that showcased 22 different families from 22 different Welsh local authorities. In addition to the photography and video, our post-production team included on-screen animated text that was applied across every video, highlighting key messages from each case study. Campaign Video

The Objective.

The images and campaign videos created were aimed to raise awareness of fostering in Wales and to help recruit new foster carers. Foster Wales needed to show an insight into the lives of people who foster, and the impact it has on both the child and family. This was a sensitive project that needed the utmost attention and care to respectfully capture each family within their environment. Our team were able to travel across the whole of Wales, visiting different cases and learning to understand how fostering has improved each life. This was then to be turned into a National Campaign Video that was shared via the Welsh Government and throughout the Foster Wales website. Campaign Video

The Process.

The scale of this project relied on clear communication, logistics and flexibility throughout; co-ordinating over 100 people: this included 22 family groups that consisted of assorted adults and children from various households; averaging at 4 people per group or sometimes up to 5 or 6 family members. The parents and/or guardians of the children who were part of the family groups were also present throughout the shoots. The participants were not fully experienced with acting, so our team were responsible for directing these families, selecting wardrobe and organising dates of shooting – all through Covid-19 and weather dependent.

Once locations had been agreed with Foster Wales and the respective families; it was then about setting a date, time and location for each local authority. Filming days were an absolute breeze and it was great fun working with the families on the day. To ensure smooth sailing on these shoot days, we refer to storyboards and shot lists throughout that were created back at the studio during our planning; – it’s an essential step that makes sure we hit each scene, and capture the awesome footage that enables our post-production team to create the master videos for each local authority.


Through the course of the project, we managed to source each individual participant that would be filmed within each local authority; this included arranging filming permissions within the relevant councils and organising schedules with each participant. Due to the majority of this campaign being filmed during Covid-19, it gave us an opportunity to film and photograph some beautiful outdoor locations in Wales, including Bala Lake, Llandudno Pier, Manobier Beach and Crickhowell – to name a few.

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The Outcome.


The post-production job for Foster Wales was quite a large scale project due to the amount of videos that needed to be created, which all needed to be bilingual too. The editing team had to liaise with our designers and animators to create the right animated typography for each video, as well as being in contact with the client in making sure they were happy with each video produced. Once we had created a template for the rest of the videos to follow, it was full steam ahead! Resulting in a beautifully catered and consistent suite of edited film and photography.

In total, we produced 44 videos, 2 – 3 minutes in length.

Thanks so much to the team at Magenta for your tenacity and creativity throughout what has been a very challenging project due to all manner of difficult circumstances. The team have delivered a really high quality national picture of Foster Wales, built from 22 individual snapshots of local life and local fostering. The brand is better for the work you have done, and I’m sure it will prove to be a valuable part of the Foster Wales storytelling toolkit for years to come

Matt Clarke – Narrative Edge, Foster Wales