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Radnor Hills Heartsease Farm

Capturing heart-warming recipes with Heartsease.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Radnor Hills to create a suite of videos that demonstrated six delicious recipes inspired by the Heartsease Farm product range. The flavours include: Lemonade, Raspberry, Ginger Beer and Elderflower pressé. Alongside Radnor Hills, we got to meet and record with the talented 2019 GBBO contestant Michelle Evans-Fecci, who presented and crafted each bake. The idea behind this content was to show how the range of drinks could be incorporated into recipes to elevate the taste and showcase their versatility – from cakes to cocktails! As well as capturing video, we also designed on-brand recipe cards, opening titles and name titles that were to be animated within each video. The suite of content was to be shared online through Heartsease Farm’s social media channels.


Pre-production comes early in the filmmaking process to ensure a smooth day of recording. With six videos to capture, each one needed to run seamlessley to allow Michelle to demonstrate each recipe comfortably and with ease. A structured storyboard was created for each recipe, along with a brief script for Michelle to stick to for key points within the video (e.g. introduction and closing scene) to allow our team to capture exactly what they need – knowing they haven’t left any details out.

Creating design assets.

Each video required a title card, end screen and an introduction to Michelle. Radnor Hills provided us with their brand guidelines, illustrated assets and font to allow us to create on-brand and consistently designed assets throughout the suite of content. In addition to graphics included in the video, we provided thoughtfully designed social media content that would help promote these videos, too. We couldn’t forget to include their mascot too, Gerald the duck!


The shoot took place in Camarthen, where we met both Radnor Hills and Michelle within a cookery school. The aesthetic was for the shoot to feel rustic and cosy – to translate the traditional aspect of the Heartsease Farm brand. The bakes were made in advance as we just wanted to highlight how the Heartsease product was incorporated within the recipe.


Within this process, we ensure that there is consistency throughout each video in terms of colour grade and with format of how each recipe is told. We added the designed graphics to each video to create a rounded piece of content that can be used online through Radnor Hills Heartsease Farm socials.

Final Outputs.

Radnor Hills Heartsease Farm