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branded video content

What can branded content do for your business?

Whether it’s through an interview with a satisfied customer who has used your service, or a recipe video that highlights your product in use on IGTV – it’s a direct, yet, indirect way of showcasing your brand. Branded video content can promote your offering through demonstrations, talking-heads or even full animation. From our Cardiff-based studio, we are able to plan messaging, shots needed and animation style to produce a digestible piece of content that’s on-brand with your business.

SmoothSkin are a perfect example of how branded content can translate lifestyle through a succinct product video.
We have worked with SmoothSkin on various projects that harmoniously use a variety of our creative services.

You can view our SmoothSkin Case Study, here.

Explainer Styles.

Social Shorts & Snippets

Social Shorts are around 15-30 seconds long; and focus on a product feature or service offering directly. Even shorter than social shorts, social snippets are more teaser-type pieces of content that typically contain ‘B-roll’ footage. Shorts & snippets are equally digestible and engaging pieces of content that help increase brand awareness online.

Informative Video Content

“How To” or instructional videos can be a great way in helping audiences remember your brand; especially when they need access to what an offering does. Not a direct marketing tactic, informative videos are a subtle approach to gaining and converting customers through an indirect route of creating value through demonstration content.

One of the largest companies in the UK, Admiral Group, needed to create on-brand video content that would drive recruitment for their in-house IT department. Through animation and footage captured from the master video created, we were able to create compelling video content for use on their social platforms.

Read about our Social Media Video Case Study, here.

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