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Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video for Clayton Power.

Clayton Power approached our team for a solution to explaining their LPS pack across their web and social media channels. This was to help inform their audience, as well as increase their brand awareness using eye-catching visuals that would help translate who they are and what they do. 

Still from Clayton Power explainer animation

The Objective.

The aim was to create a succinct video that exlpains LPS technology; to help their audience gain an understanding of this product and what it means for them. It needed to be visually appealing and on-brand with Clayton Power – simplyfying an in-depth product.

The Process.

We ran a workshop to identify target audiences, application, key messaging and other important creative decisions, such as narrative, tone & pacing. By the end of the workshop it was clear that an animated explainer video would be the best solution for this project. With such a wide variety of uses and applications, it would have been prohibitively expensive, and time consuming, to shoot a comparable live action video. One of the many benefits of using animated explainer videos, is that you can create whole worlds full of interesting characters and scenarios that would be extremely difficult to do recreate through live-action. We are able to create coherent, on-brand visuals that help boost Clayton Power’s awareness online.

Using the information gleaned from the workshop session we created a narrative, from which the script was written. Storyboards and an animatic were created and refined through feedback sessions with the client, too. We then created a custom illustrative style for the animation, leaning heavily on textured shades of grey and blue, in line with the Clayton Power brand guidelines. Illustrated versions of the Clayton Power logo were animated to top and tail the video, tying the whole animation together nicely.

The Outcome.

The final product is an informative 90 second animated explainer video, filled with on-brand illustrations accompanied with a voiceover that fits within Clayton Power’s personality perfectly. Click to watch the video below!

The Magenta team were first class from day one. We were totally blown away by their creativity and their ability to take our ideas and turn them into an animated reality!

Karl Jones – Business Development Engineer, Clayton Power