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Custom Illustration

Why are custom illustrations favorable?

Through bespoke 2D or 3D creation, we are able to recreate and visually communicate significant products, services or even employees of your business that may be difficult to understand through live-action. We can simplifying messaging and product demonstrations through easily digestible and thoughtfully designed visuals, allowing your audience to remember your business through unique illustrations that specifically represent your brand and its values.

Stokes needed an animated explainer video to communicate what their business does and the impact they have on their clients. Through custom illustration, we created a whole world dedicated to Stokes and their offering, completely on brand and unique to them. You can view our Stokes Case Study, here.

Illustration Styles.

Character & Environment

Being aware of both trends and timeless styles allows us to create the perfect illustrations for your video content. Our skills range from highly constructed, 2D vector, to more of a hand-drawn, textured style of illustration. Visualise your target audience through bespoke character illustrations that reflects your brand, in an environment that translates your offering!


We are able to translate heavy data into clean, simplified and insightful infographics for viewers to understand. With the additional help of animation, we can really translate positive data, fluctuations and stagger information so it’s not too overwhelming to understand. View our gallery below for more examples of our work.

I have worked with Magenta on a number of projects over the last couple of years. They’re easy to work with and have consistently produced a high standard of video and animation for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!

Hannah Richards – Senior Marketing Executive, Woodpecker Flooring

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