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Explainer Animation

Gift giving, with a difference.

Eco Nature have already successfully launched their products into many supermarkets around the UK, however, this animation was designed to inform both the customer and potential stakeholders about their brand ethos and vision – in addition to promoting their products that are available. Eco Nature is a brand who’s values and identity promote a sustainable and desirable product range – produced with integrity, kindness and responsibility. It was our role at Magenta to translate the care and consideration that Eco Nature put into every product through an animation that reflected the style of their products, using illustrated assets from each of their collections.

Getting to know the brand.

We were lucky enough to visit the IG Design Group HQ, where we had a tour of each department that help towards making these sustainable products. In addition to the tour, we were able to carry out our workshop with the Eco Nature team at the offices, too. We were able to learn more about the objectives of the animation, why Eco Nature is different, as well as have an insight into each stage of the manufacturing process.

The brand had 8 credentials that needed to be communicated within the video, some of which included: “made from recycled materials”, “always plastic free”, “proudly made in the UK” and “working towards being carbon neutral in collaboration with the woodland trust” – to name a few.

The animation needed to:

Communicate the brand credentials
Be factual and easy to digest
Memorable and repeatable
Visually on-brand
Covey the brand personality
Contain an appropriate voiceover
Include assets from the Eco Nature range

By holding a workshop with the Eco Nature team, it allowed us to breakdown these requirements and understand the passion that the team wanted to convey through the animation. From the key take-aways of the workshop, it helped structure a script that would ensure all of these points were met and were communicated clearly through the brand tone of voice, a suitable voiceover and choice of soundtrack.

Learn more about our animation process Learn more about our animation process

Creating a narrative.

With a script written and inspired by the results of the workshop, we were able to begin a applying visuals to the story and find a creative way to flow from one key message to another. We had the idea of placing this whole story upon a roll of kraft paper, as if we were travelling across it as we move through the narrative.

We had to ensure the story had an underlying piece of consistency due to the variety of illustration styles that were needing to be included from each greetings collection, so applying these illustrations onto one constant piece of kraft paper ensured the story felt connected and flowed seamlessly.

In collaboration with the Eco Nature team, we were lucky enough to use a bank of their illustrated assets from each collection. We were able to apply a mixture of patterns, textures, illustrations and colour palettes from each collection to showcase the range of products available at Eco Nature; using flowers, trees, wildlife, insects and other decorative elements from each collection to create scenes that helped visualise the script in a way that felt on-brand.

To create a personal connection to the audience, we also wanted to create Eco Nature personified in the form of an illustrated character. This character would help drive the narrative and reflect the values that an Eco Nature customer has. We also included some of the Eco Nature team as illustrated characters towards the end of the animation too as an easter egg for the team!

The Outcome.

Overall, we produced a 2-minute video that encompassed who Eco Nature are and what they do, along with a suite of illustrated stills and 30 second video snippets for social media use.