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Animated CGI Product Video for Juniperl.

As a new business, Juniperl required promotional material that could be used on both their website and social channels, to promote the launch of their brand. The purpose of this content would be to showcase their brand and products, while rocketing them into the market of non-alcoholic beverages.

The Objective.

Being a new company, it was important we nailed down their brand style and identity to make them instantly recognisable to consumers. Already reminiscent of summer days and vintage travel posters, we wanted to use these assets and bring them to life through the promotional material we produced. Overall, our aim was to create content that revolved around their product and reflected their brand identity, preparing them to launch to consumers.

The Process.

With Juniperl being a start-up company, they needed to display their products on their website and catch the attention of users on social media, which is why we recommend both CGI Product Photography and Animated Product Videos.

Starting with the animated product videos, we worked with Juniperl to brainstorm what messaging they wanted to include and used these ideas to build a narrative for the animations. This was then made into animated text that reflected the vintage style of Juniperl’s product branding.

Within the animated product video, we knew the bottle had to be the main focus, which led to us creating an animated CGI bottle. This way, the bottle would be able to interact with other elements of the video through frame-by-frame animations. Wanting to imbed the vintage style of Juniperl wherever we could, choosing to use frame-by-frame animations provided us with a traditional stop-motion effect, reinforcing their consistent visual style.

Having developed a strong brand identity, we turned to creating CGI product stills for Juniperl to use on their website and social accounts. Using the same CGI bottle we created for the animated video, we produced a set of still images that prioritised the bottle as the focal point and were stylistically consistent with the rest of the promotional material.

The Outcome.

When starting this project, we wanted to produce promotional material that would scream Juniperl! Vintage styling played a huge role in the success of this project and was key to tying together the brand and commercial content. By creating a consistent visual style we believe we were able to build a foundation for the brand to continue to grow upon. But, that’s just what we think. See for yourself what Juniperl had to say…

The team at Magenta were amazing at taking our idea and turning it into a reality! We absolutely love the animation they created for us. They were very enthusiastic and professional during the whole process which made us love working with them!

Rebecca Strange – Director, Juniperl