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Creating “furry” great content

Shameless Pets have an established brand that we couldn’t wait to work with – full to the brim with quirky illustrations and assets for us to develop and play with. Our team were tasked with taking key points that Shameless Pets wanted to communicate, and create scripts and content that reflected their tone of voice and brand-style. Inspired by the witty naming of their products (“Catnip N Chill”, “Applenoon Delight” and “Blueberried Treasure” – to name a few), we naturally wanted to write scripts and messaging to be slightly tongue-in-cheek, punny and playful – all whilst ensuring the facts are visually communicated in an informative, but clever way throughout the content.

Brand content for Shameless Pets
Poster design for Shameless Pets
Brand content for Shameless Pets
Website content for Shameless Pets

Hot Dog!

In addition to the main videos, we also produced 15-30 second snippets of the Health Benefits animation to be used in regional parts of America on TV! We produced specific requirements of format to allow distribution to retailers in regional parts of America, these also included Closed Captions. We then created an additional suite of branded content that took the assets from the animations, and repurposed them into campaigns and advertisements to share across social media and OOH.

You can read more about the advantages of repurposing your content, here.

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