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Research & Discovery

Our collaboration with V-Trak, a specialist in wheelchairs and backrest accessories for people with disabilities, began with a comprehensive research and discovery phase. We visited V-Trak’s headquarters in Bridgend, South Wales, to gain a deep understanding of their innovative products. This visit allowed us to examine their range of backrests closely, understand the materials used, and appreciate the unique features that make these backrests adaptable to specific user needs. We met with the design team, gaining valuable insights into how these products function and the benefits they offer to users. This groundwork was essential for us to accurately represent their products in the CGI video content.

CGI Product Exploded View

Modelling Phase

With a clear understanding of the products, we returned to our Cardiff Bay studio with samples to begin the task of 3D modeling. Using Cinema 4D, we started by creating basic models of each backrest. This phase was collaborative, involving constant communication with V-Trak to ensure accuracy and relevance. The initial models were shared with the client for approval.

Once we received their feedback and sign-off, we proceeded to the next step: creating a detailed storyboard. This storyboard served as a blueprint, outlining how we would visually present the product’s features and benefits in the final video. To ensure our vision aligned with V-Trak’s expectations, we developed an animatic. This basic version of the animation used the approved models to demonstrate the flow and functionality of the final product, providing a crucial checkpoint before committing to the full production of the CGI product video.

Work in progress for V-Trak CGI Product Video
Work in progress for V-Trak CGI Product Video
Work in progress for V-Trak CGI Product Video
Work in progress for V-Trak CGI Product Video

Look Development

The look development phase focused on refining the visual elements of the video. This involved adding textures, materials, and lighting to the basic models, transforming them into lifelike representations. We worked closely with V-Trak, presenting them with examples of similar styles to ensure that the visual aesthetics matched their brand identity and expectations. This iterative process of refinement and feedback was vital in achieving the high-quality, realistic look that V-Trak required for their promotional video. Each texture and material was carefully chosen to highlight the durability and comfort of the backrests, while the lighting was adjusted to emphasize their ergonomic design.

Look Development for V-Trak CGI Product Video
Look Development for V-Trak CGI Product Video

Animation Production

With the look and feel of the models finalised, we moved into the full animation production phase. This stage involved refining the motion created in the animatic and applying the final 3D renders, which included the accurate textures, materials, and lighting we had developed.

Our animation team ensured that it clearly demonstrated the functionality and adaptability of the backrests. Once the 3D animation was polished and met our standards, we passed it to our 2D motion-design team. They added the finishing touches, including animated typography, motion graphics, and sound design, to enhance the overall impact of the video.

Conclusion and Deliverables

The final product was a CGI video that effectively showcased V-Trak’s innovative range of backrests. The video highlighted the key features and benefits, demonstrating how these backrests can be customised to meet the specific needs of individual users. Additionally, we provided a series of high-resolution still images from the renders created for the video, which V-Trak could use for their marketing materials. We also delivered a series of shorter edits for them in order to use in more targeted marketing campaigns

Through close collaboration and a thorough understanding of V-Trak’s products, we were able to deliver a high-quality promotional video. The use of CGI and 3D animation allowed us to present the intricate details and functionalities of the backrests in a visually engaging and informative manner.