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Product Explainer Video

What’s the purpose of a Product Explainer Video?

A product explainer video can help showcase the uses, as well as feature unique parts that are specific to your offering. Explain complex parts or breakdown how-to’s to help your audience understand how it works. As well as live-action, we can recreate your product within 3D to show the internal mechanics, or even display hypothetical circumstances.

With more than 12,000 retail partners worldwide, Giant Bikes are one of the world’s leading cyclist brands – specialising in bikes and cycling gear. This product explainer contains our video and photography services at their finest. You can view our Giant Defy Case Study, here.

How is it made?

The production of an explainer video can be a complex process – if you’re trying to do it alone. Here’s a breakdown of how we can work with you to create your product explainer video:


Firstly, we help dissect the messaging that you’re trying to communicate – focusing on the product’s key features and the audience it’s intended for. Through workshops which can take place within our Cardiff-based studio, or via video call, we will learn to understand your product; and from it, showcase the key points through an energetic, compelling video.


From our discussions, we collect the findings. We begin to turn your key messages into thoughtfully designed annotations to implement within the video; or into an engaging script that can be read by a voiceover – all consciously written in your brand’s tone of voice. Whether it’s live-action or 3D, we structure a narrative and storyboard of how the explainer will be told. From this, we create bespoke assets and begin an animatic – to prevent no nasty surprises.


The final product will be a 60-90 second solution; purely created for your digital platforms and website. We like to keep you updated with every step of the process; ensuring everything we do is aligned to your brand values – so never fear that the end result will not be what you envisioned.

The Magenta team were first class from day one. We were totally blown away by their creativity and their ability to take our ideas and turn them into an animated reality!

Karl Jones – Business Development Engineer, Clayton Power

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