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Product Photography

Reflect your brand through product photography.

The creative possibilities when it comes to product photography are truly exciting for us at Magenta. In addition to driving sales, product shots can reflect the care and quality that you put into your business. Through thoughtful layouts and considered set-ups, we can construct in both pre- and post-production a display that truly reflects your brand’s values and aesthetic – a picture speaks a thousand words afterall! You can view more examples of product shots we have created for clients in our gallery, here.

We had the pleasure of capturing the new kit from Cardiff City FC. We wanted to create dynamic shots that were thoughtfully lit to build suspense and excitement for the new reveal.

Boosting your Business.

Whether it’s hand-made, intricate, or a mass-produced product on a large scale, consumers rely heavily on product imagery to understand what they are investing in. Promoting your offering correctly means ensuring there are a range of angles, close-up details and relatable scenarios, all captured through stand-alone and lifestyle imagery. It all relies on considered shots to sell your product; and with over 15 years of commercial product photography experience, our skillful team have a deep understanding of creating stand-out visuals that sell your offering. From basic packshot photography to killer hero-shots for your advertising campaigns, we produce high quality imagery that elevates your brand and reflects the quality of your business.

A process shot of a treat toy for dogs, creatively produced by pet-lovin’ company, The DB’s.
You can learn more through our The DB’s Case Study, here.

How does it work?

The production of creating a suite of consistent photography can be a complex process – if you’re trying to do it alone. Here’s a breakdown of how we can work with you to create professional photography content:


Firstly, we help dissect the message you’re trying to communicate with the imagery – focusing on who it’s intended for and why. Through workshops which can take place within our Cardiff-based studio, or via video call, we will learn to understand your business in-depth; and from it, summarise what we want your audience to take away from the photography, specifications and outputs.


From our discussions, we structure a shot-list of how the product/s will be set up. We consider positioning of shots, flat-lays, lighting, props and if there is any post-production work required.


The final product will be a suite of photography that reflects your brand, as well as detailed shots of the product to help drive sales. We like to keep you updated with every step of the process; ensuring everything we do is aligned to your brand values – so never fear that the end result will not be what you envisioned.

Product Explainer Video.

If product shots aren’t enough, we can also produce a branded product video that helps highlight key features of your offering through dynamic movement, impactful sound and motion graphics. Click here to read more about our product explainer service.

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