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New Website

It was time to elevate our brand.

In 2020, the world was in a state flux and everything had shut down for a few months. We thought we’d take that opportunity of quiet to do something we have wanted / needed to do for a while. We are very excited to share our new website and brand refresh with you.

What was wrong with the old brand?

Absolutely nothing, we loved our old brand and everything it stood for. We are very proud of what Magenta Photography was and the work we did, but it was no longer an accurate representation of who we are as a company, or the services we offer.

Are you no longer a photography company?

Photography is at the core of everything we do and always will be. Attention to lighting & composition run through all our work, and that will never change.  Photography is where it all started for us and we will never stop wanting to produce high quality photography for our clients. But we are more now, so much more. Our team have been producing high quality Video Production, Animation and CGI, alongside Photography, for several years. Our old website and brand did not represent who we had become, so it was time to change. From here on in we will simply be known as Magenta!

CGI.    Animation.    Video.    Photography.

Ground-breaking stuff eh…

We must have been up all night thinking of that name! Dropping the word photography from our name was a simple thing to do, but that simple act has huge significance. We are no longer limiting ourselves to being just a photography company. We can now shout about all the amazing services we can offer, without the confusion of having the word photography in our brand. Our very talented team are able to provide high-quality video production, animation, CGI, photography, illustration, aerial filming and much more, all in-house.

As the age of digital content steams forward and evolves, clients are expecting / demanding agencies to be able to provide a fuller, more rounded approach to delivering content. We believe we are at the forefront of this movement and have ambitious growth plans to build our team, and expand our offering further. Our new website and brand are the start of an exciting journey. We thank you for being with us and look forward to sharing it with you.

From today our domain name will be and our email addresses will change to We will be forwarding our old website address and email for a few months, until everything beds in, so don’t worry if you forget, you’ll still be able to find us and get in touch.

Check out some of the amazing work we have been doing on our galleries and view our full range of services here.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to the team at Spindogs for our new website, we love it. We hope you do to.

Chris | Creative Director