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Company Explainer Video

What’s the purpose of a Company Explainer Video?

A company explainer video can be seen as a fundamental piece of content used as a visual overview of your business and the people behind it. Through creative storytelling, we are able to provide a succinct outline of your business in an engaging way, all within your working environment. Let this video sit proudly on your landing page, or share on social media to engage new networks of people.

Castleoak are the perfect example of how our services work harmoniously together to create the perfect company explainer video. It included aerial drone footage, video production and on-screen animated graphics to capture an overall perspective of their business.

How is it made?

The production of an explainer video can be a complex process – if you’re trying to do it alone. Here’s a breakdown of how we can work with you to create your company explainer video:


Firstly, we help dissect the messaging that you’re trying to communicate – focusing on who it’s intended for and why. Through workshops which can take place within our Cardiff-based studio, or via video call, we will learn to understand your core values; and from it, summarise key points we want your audience to take away from your explainer video.


From our discussions, we collect the findings; turning them into a an engaging script that’s consciously written in your brand’s tone of voice. This will help structure a narrative and storyboard of how the explainer will be told. From this, we create bespoke assets and begin an animatic – to prevent no nasty surprises. This is all supported with a voice-over, or even yourselves talking to the camera.


The final product will be a 60-90 second solution; purely created for your digital platforms and website. We like to keep you updated with every step of the process; ensuring everything we do is aligned to your brand values – so never fear that the end result will not be what you envisioned.

Magenta are always reliable and professional – and fun to work with too! I’m always confident that they’ll deliver the highest quality content, whether it’s corporate photography or a bespoke video to promote our business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Magenta to anyone looking for a dependable and talented creative agency.

Rachel Miles – Head of Marketing, Acquis

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