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Branded Video Production

Branded Video Production for Tori James.

Tori James approached us to create video production and photography content to promote her public speaking business through website and social media channels. This was a joint project with our good friends at PM Marketing and Pixelhaze.

The Objective.

The brief was to create dramatic, engaging promotional video content, combining existing footage of some of Tori’s record-breaking expeditions and public speaking, along with new footage to be shot on the hills and mountains of our beautiful country. The purpose of the content is promoting Tori as a sought-after, professional global speaker.

The Process.

Planning and pre-production are the cornerstone to every successful project, and it was no different with this one. We set up workshops with Tori to dig a little deeper into the project requirements and deliverables, refining a script to make sure it hit all of the key messages. Once we had a clear understanding, we focused on the filming, and as keen walkers and mountain bikers, our team were excited to start planning!

Shooting in Wales.

When it comes to outdoor shoots in Wales there a lot of moving parts to consider when planning a video shoot:

  • Weather – Always a huge consideration when shooting video in Wales!
  • Wind Speed – We knew we had to get some amazing drone shots of her walking around the Beacons, so wind speed was a key factor in the planning for the video.
  • Location – We used a combination of recce’s, local knowledge and Google Earth to make sure we knew where all the best spots were.
  • Timing – Sunrise on a cold, crisp and clear day was a must. We plotted out the time of sunrise and the angle of the sun throughout the day.

We kept an eye on all of these elements and as soon as the stars aligned, we made our move and drove to the Neuadd car park to walk the Roman road past the Upper Neuadd reservoir to the Gap, sat between the foot of Cribyn & Fan y Big. An early start was needed to capture sunrise from the top of Cribyn, so we left the car park and began our trek at 6am.

Whatever blurry eyes the team had were soon blown wide open by the incredible sights that waited for us on those hills. Tori was keen to wait for a weather inversion, so the valley floor would be full of mist – the careful planning and waiting for the perfect day paid off in spades. Not only did we get a beautiful sunrise, but we were treated to the most amazing Dragons Breath (see the start of the video) and an incredibly rare sighting of a Brocken Spectre, an optical illusion created when a magnified shadow of a person is cast on to cloud.

We spent an incredible, and very cold few hours shooting video and photography with both handheld cameras and drone, before heading back down to the valley floor to record an interview to use throughout the video. This was definitely one of the most challenging location shoots we have carried out, but one we absolutely loved and would do again in a heartbeat.

The Outcome.

We created two versions of the video, one full length version for Tori’s website, and a shorter social versions (below).
To view the full length version, please visit Tori’s website here.

Magenta produced a first class showreel for me. They captured new, impactful footage and embraced my new brand at the same time. Thank you.

Tori James – Adventurer & Keynote Speaker

Landscape Photograph of the Brecon Beacons

Dragons Breath on Cribyn

Aerial Photography and Drone Video Production in Brecon

BTS - Sunrise drone action

Commercial Video Shoot in Brecon

BTS - Sunrise filming on Cribyn

Landscape Photograph of the Brecon Beacons

Brocken Spectre on Pen y Fan

Commercial Video and Photo Shoot in Brecon

BTS - Filming on Cribyn

Landscape Photograph of the Brecon Beacons

Brecon from Cribyn

Commercial Video and Photography Shoot in Brecon

BTS - Filming in the "Gap"

Landscape Photograph of the Brecon Beacons

Dragons Breath on Cribyn

Landscape Photograph of the Brecon Beacons

Brecon from Cribyn summit

Location Scouting for Commercial Video Production in Brecon

Interview filming location

Behind the Scenes on a Commercial Video Shoot in Brecon

BTS - Interview filming