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Specialists in Non-Contact Measurement.

Imetrum are pioneers within the measurement data industry.

With existing measurement technologies not being quite up to the mark, effort was put into creating products that increased the speed, resolution and accuracy of measurements taken using video cameras. Imetrum have worked closely with our good friends and super talented product design and branding specialists, Sanders&Co, to develop a range of non-contact measurement systems that specialise in measuring data through laser projection. Our team were brought into the project by Sanders&Co, to create a product explainer video and set of CGI product images to showcase three products; Mobius, Vector and Axiom.

The Objective.

The aim of this content was to showcase through a dynamic style how the Mobius, the Vector and the Axiom work. The video didn’t need to be technically specific, but more of an impactful, visual summary of how the Imetrum products interact with industrial applications. Through animation and CGI, we represented how the products measure and capture data through non-contact lasers.

This video content was required to be used for several reasons; to sit on the home page of Imetrum’s re-branded website – designed by Sanders&Co, to be used as a presentation tool within tenders and pitches, and to be used at trade shows – which meant the video needed to be eye-catching as well as legible from a distance if it was going to be displayed on a screen. Overall, we needed to create on-brand, impactful piece of video that could engage customers and potential new leads.

The Process.

Pre-production is the cornerstone of a successful project, and we place huge emphasis on creative development. Through multiple workshops with Imetrum and Sanders&Co, we were able to gain more of an understanding about the brand refresh taking place and the Imetrum products themselves. The team at Sanders&Co did an amazing job creating the CAD files for each of the products as well as designing the new logo and brand elements; we worked closely with them on how best to use new brand assets to really showcase the devices in the most exciting and dynamic way. From the new colour palette to the updated typeface, we explored the incorporation of these elements into the video alongside the CGI; to create a strongly branded piece of content that could be easily distinguishable and stand-out from anything else within the industry.

We worked closely with the Imetrum team on building a solid understanding of what is a very technical subject matter, so we had a firm idea of what each of the products do and to demonstrate the range of applications it covers. We dissected the purpose of the video to understand what the key messages were; and from this, created a storyboard of how the video would flow. The concept behind the video was to introduce the main industries in which Imetrum work; capturing brief glimpses of each one to create motion and pace. These industries would then be viewed through the eyes of the Mobius, highlighting the data that the product captures through the non-contact measurement. The Vector and the Axiom would then follow suit; with graphics being displayed alongside the product to demonstrate how it visualises data within its industry.

Details Matter.

Our team’s favourite part of any production is adding those final thoughtful touches to the overall video. We wanted this video to feel “techy” and stylised, using small motifs and highlights of Imetrum’s blue to create an atmospheric environment for the products to sit in. There is always the danger of CGI looking too clean, and unreal; fortunately, Magenta was born from a product photography backround, and our CGI team understand what it takes to make a 3D image look realistic. From adding chromatic aberration and film grain, to applying a curve to the optics of the camera to mimic how an actual camera lens would operate, these are all beautifully considerate touches that help make a piece of 3D work feel more real.

To help build suspense and create an atmosphere, we added custom sound design and sfx during the post-production phase, to create depth and pacing to the video. Sound design is a powerful way of elevating the visuals and adding an extra layer to the production value.

The Outcome.

Overall, we created a a comprehensive suite of beautifully dynamic content, including a 90 second CGI master video, 3 x short edits for use across Imterum’s social channels, a banner edit for the home page and a suite of CGI product images. The content we produced is engaging, exciting and inline with the beautiful brand created by Sanders&Co. Imetrum have exciting plans for their groundbreaking products and we are excited to help them, and our friends at Sanders&Co to showcase their products.

Magenta have proven to be very easy to work with, responsive to our requests, understanding of our sometimes obscure ideas. The team provided support to our own creative evolution as we learned what we wanted to achieve from the project. They worked diligently with us to refine our scope and ultimately delivered the brilliant results they have achieved.

Richard Dyne – Commercial Manager, Imetrum