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CGI 3D Animation Explainer Video Cardiff

CGI 3D Animation Explainer Video in Cardiff.

SmoothSkin approached us to create a photorealistic CGI product explainer for their brand-new IPL device, SmoothSkin Pure. The client was able to provide us with a CAD file of the device. This is a highly detailed and accurate 3D model, providing the form and measurements of the device. CAD files are bare of any texture or colour, so our team used an actual device to create accurate and realistic materials to “skin” the 3D model.

The Objective.

Product explainers are generally pretty simple and uncluttered, the aim of an animated explainer video, as the name suggests, is to explain, in a quick and engaging way, the key benefits of the product. Using CGI for this type of video is perfect because when you have created the 3D model you have the option to move 360 degrees around the product, without any limitations. With a couple of simple clicks and keyframes, we were able to create these fantastic looking camera movements.

The Process.

For this animation we created an “exploded view” of the product; separating all the product components from each other to show the make-up of the device. This was made easier by SmoothSkin providing us with a CAD file. Without a CAD file we would have needed to create a 3D model of each individual component, greatly increasing the time and cost of the project.

The Outcome.

The final stage was taking the animation into Adobe After Effects to create infographics to highlight the key messaging and product features and simple animations to introduce brand colours into the video.