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Brand Video Content

As Smoothskin’s ongoing content partner, we’ve produced a wide variety of brand video content for them over the years, covering everything from promotional brand videos to 3D product explainers. Our team ensured that all animated titles and graphics produced were on-brand and in line with smoothskin’s strategic objectives.

Below are two examples of both studio and on-location video projects we completed, which included 2D animation, colour grading, sound design and post production VFX, including adding artificial product flashes to combat issues encountered with the actual product flashes affecting the video footage.


3D Product Explainer Videos

Smoothskin often need promotional assets for new products that aren’t quite ready for market. That’s where our CGI expertise comes in. Below are two fully CGI animated product explainers, created by our in-house animation team for the Smoothskin Pure and Smoothskin Bare Smart product range.

Social Media Shorts

We often create custom social media versions of video and animation content. Here’s one exported specifically for Instagram’s vertical format.

CGI Product Visuals

Examples of photo-realistic, fully CGI product photography created by our in-house animation team for Smoothskin marketing, web & social channels.